We are seeking the community’s feedback on cat curfews and/or mandatory desexing of cats in the municipality. These are objectives from our 2021-25 Domestic Animal Management Plan.

This survey is not just for cat owners, we want to hear from the whole community, including those who don’t own any pets.


During consultation for the 2021-25 Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP), the overwhelming feedback from the online survey indicated our priorities should be aimed at addressing cat nuisance issues such as confinement and overpopulation, and the promotion of cat desexing.

Our objectives for the DAMP include community consultation through an online survey to gain feedback on the introduction of mandatory desexing of cats and education about cat curfews in the municipality.

On behalf of Animal Welfare Victoria we asked the community for their views on cat containment via poll in August 2023. The question we asked was “Do you think cats should always be contained to their owner’s property?” 68% of respondents voted ‘Yes’.