Introducing the CAPE Project:

Councils working with stakeholders to recycle agricultural plastics

Council is excited to announce its Circular Agricultural Plastics Economy (CAPE) project.

The Project will provide our region's farmers with a sustainable option for handling waste agricultural plastics.

Council will receive eligible agricultural plastic waste materials at designated drop-off locations which we will then bale and transport to recycling facilities for reprocessing.

Farmers who have eligible plastic waste streams can register their interest to take part in the CAPE trial phase. The trial will involve farmers dropping off their eligible plastic waste streams to designated locations. A charge of $100 per tonne will apply to cover operational and transport costs. Council will operate a mobile baler at each site to bale eligible plastics and transport the bales to recycling facilities to be turned into new products.

Once reprocessed the material can then be used for manufacturing of new products.

This project is supported by the Circular Economy Councils Fund delivered by Sustainability Victoria under the Victorian Government.

How to prepare your eligible ag-plastics

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