A new plan for Victoria is being developed to set into action what the state will look like over the coming decades.

It will focus on delivering more homes near transport, job opportunities and essential services in vibrant, liveable, and sustainable neighbourhoods. The way we live, work, and connect is rapidly changing with the times. As our population grows, we need smarter and more sustainable solutions to how we plan for the future.

The State Government need your ideas to help address important issues like housing, affordability, jobs, infrastructure and the environment.

Working together, we can ensure we maintain and build on what we love, for future generations.

Ways to get involved

  • Complete a short survey where you can provide more ideas and feedback on the pillars, key priorities and the roundtables. You can also let us know how you’d like to be engaged in the coming months.
  • Upload a submission to share any recent work or findings from your organisation.
  • Post on our ideas board to share your vision for Victoria.
  • Sign up to the mailing list.

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