Thank you for your feedback, consultation is closed and Council adopted the plan at the June Council meeting. You can find a copy of the final plan here or in the document library.

What is Council's Strategic Asset Management Plan?

Council manages assets on behalf of the community with a value of more than $641 million (excluding land).

These assets are used by the community itself or by Council to provide services to the community.

They include buildings, sealed roads, unsealed roads, footpaths and cycleways, drainage, fleet, recreational, leisure and community facilities, parks open spaces and streetscapes, waste management.

Under the Victorian Local Government Act 2020, Council must produce and maintain a 10-year asset plan within an Integrated Strategic Planning and Reporting Framework and ensure that the community have input into the asset policy and strategy.

The aim of the Strategic Asset Management Plan is to:

  • Provide an ongoing commitment to service planning, identifying physical asset needs to support service delivery at a defined level and at an affordable cost.
  • Provide a strategic and financial view of how Council will manage the portfolio of assets that are owned and/or controlled by Council and define high-level strategic asset management priorities.
  • Address all aspects of asset management including maintenance, renewal, acquisition, expansion, and disposal or decommissioning of assets.

The Strategic Asset Management Plan is an important part of Council’s overall strategic planning and is drawn from previous work by Council including the Community Vision and Council Plan.

At the April 2022 Council meeting, Council resolved to endorse the Draft Strategic Asset Management Plan for four weeks community consultation, before returning to Council in June 2022 for final approval.

You can download the Draft Strategic Asset Management Plan from the document library to the right.

How you can have your say on Council's Strategic Asset Management Plan

Community consultation will run from 29 April until 27 May and feedback can be provided:


complete the form below



send to: CEO, Swan Hill Rural City Council, PO Box 488, Swan Hill VIC 3585

Community feedback will be incorporated into the final version of the plan to be adopted by Council prior to June 30 2022.