Council celebrate Federal Government’s reaffirmed commitment to Swan Hill Bridge

Council is thrilled by todays Federal Government announcement that their funding commitment has been reaffirmed for the crucial Swan Hill Bridge infrastructure project.

This announcement follows the 90-day Independent Strategic Review of the Infrastructure Pipeline Program.

Mayor, Cr Les McPhee said Council had launched a campaign in June to advocate for funding to remain for a new Swan Hill Bridge.

“We compiled feedback from the community and prepared a comprehensive submission to the review.

“On behalf of Council I express my sincere gratitude to the Federal Government, local Members of Parliament, our community, partners and stakeholders for recognising the significant role that this critical crossing point across the Murray River plays, providing a vital transport connection point,” Cr McPhee said.

Cr McPhee said a new bridge would not only improve transportation but also open new opportunities for economic development and enhance the overall livability of our region.

“This commitment ensures that the much-anticipated project will continue as planned, bringing significant benefits to the community and the region.

“The Federal Government's dedication to advancing this project aligns with their commitment to enhancing regional connectivity, fostering economic growth, and improving the overall quality of life for residents in Swan Hill and surrounding areas,” he added.

Cr McPhee said Council looked forward to working closely with the Federal Government, Victorian Government, NSW Government, Murray River Group of Council local stakeholders, and the community to ensure the successful implementation of the Swan Hill Bridge project.

“Now we remain focused on the next steps of resolving other outstanding issues, including Heritage matters, and getting on with building a new Bridge.

A message from Mayor, Cr Les McPhee

A message from Mayor, Cr Les McPhee - June 2023

I was dismayed to recently learn that the Federal Government intends to undertake a 90 day review of the Infrastructure Pipeline Program, which includes the funding committed by the former Federal Government of $60 million dollars for the replacement of the Swan Hill Bridge.

Naturally this announcement is cause for great concern for our municipality and the community, who has long advocated for the need to replace the bridge at Swan Hill, as it is no longer fit for purpose.

Council has played a significant role in discussions regarding the replacement of the bridge and have always sought to look for a positive solution, by engaging with the Federal, New South Wales and Victorian Governments.

My message is very clear, now is not the time to remove the funding for the Swan Hill Bridge but rather to resolve any outstanding issues and commit the necessary funding to construct a new bridge at Swan Hill.

We are extremely alarmed by the decision to review the previously committed $60 million funding which was allocated by the former Federal Government in 2019 for the construction of a new bridge in Swan Hill. The potential loss of this funding would be irresponsible and detrimental to communities on either side of the Murray River, damaging our local economy, our agriculture and freight industries which will produce an ongoing major negative impact on our region.

We urge the community to join with us in advocating for a new Swan Hill Bridge!

Council will be collating community feedback regarding the Federal Government 90-day review of the Infrastructure Pipeline Program, which includes the funding committed by the former Federal Government of $60 million dollars for the replacement of the Swan Hill Bridge.

Our community has been led to believe that we will be getting a new bridge at Swan Hill - I am now calling on our community to come together and assist by leaving feedback regarding the impact of withdrawing these vital funds.

Please join us in making the new Swan Hill bridge a reality!