Thank you for your feedback, consultation is now closed.

Thank you to all who participated in the proposed changes to Swan Hill and Robinvale Aerodromes consultation. We received a great number of comments and feedback enabling an informed decision to be made on the proposed changes.

The proposed fees and charges were vastly supported and encouraged by the public. This outcome was due to the opportunity it would provide to Council to continue maintaining the aerodrome throughout its life cycle and provide quality service to the users.

Please use the link below to view the Council decision and drop downs to view enagagement.


Swan Hill Rural City Council is proposing a night-time curfew and new user fees and charges for Swan Hill and Robinvale Aerodromes.

The proposal for the changes comes after a number of noise complaints were received regarding noise generated by aircraft using airspace over Swan Hill for circuit training.


It is proposed that the night time curfew would assist to limit circuit training activities by flight training aircraft.

It is proposed that the night-time curfew take effect from 11pm each night and run until 6am.

Currently Council's aerodromes are unrestricted and allow for 24 hours, seven days a week operation – so this curfew will, aside from emergency services and landing aircrafts which are exempt from the curfew, reduce aircraft noise during these times.

User Fees and Charges:

There are a number of key drivers for the aerodrome user charges including an increase in support for the operation of the aerodrome, to ensure assets are maintained and continue to support local business and Emergency services.

The aerodromes play an important role in providing quality access for emergency and medical services, as well as civil aviation operations, and these proposed user fees and charges will help contribute towards the maintenance costs.

The proposed user Fees and Charges have been structured in a non-discriminatory manner and consistent with the current up to date charges used across similar airports and aerodromes across Australia.

Please see below table for more information: