Let's talk about the Robinvale Riverfront Master Plan

Stage 1 of community consultation is now complete. Thank you to all those who contributed your vision and priorities for the redevelopment of the Robinvale riverfront precinct, online and at the community workshops.

The feedback you have provided will help Council and Group GSA create a master plan and set priorities for the precinct in the future. The master plan will also provide supporting documentation for external State and Federal funding opportunities.

Over the coming months Group GSA will be compiling all your valuable feedback and will develop the draft master plan.

In early 2022 the draft master plan will be available for Stage 2 of community consultation.

Respecting local Aboriginal Culture and Heritage

Key considerations based on the recent Aboriginal and Historical Heritage Assessment

  1. Certain sites within the Master Plan will be actively and respectfully protected and incorporated into the overall design and amenities considerations;
  2. Sensitive and considered approach to Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Zones within the master plan development;
  3. Inclusion of Centenary Park in the master plan development
  4. Create an integrated cultural heritage learning trail utilising well-used access tracks and community knowledge throughout Centenary Park

Would you like some inspiration? Check out the panels below to get you thinking.

The images below are taken from the consultation panels that will be used in the face-to-face engagement opportunities.