Southview Development Asset Naming consultation

New asset names have been proposed as part of the Southview Development Application.

The applicant has opted to select new names rather than draw from Council’s Asset Name Master List.

The proposed names have been assessed for compliance with the defined General Principles and are consistent with the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria 2016. As per Council’s Asset Naming Policy and Procedure, new names need to be publicly advertised and community comment invited.

Council invites the public to submit any letters of support or objections regarding the proposed names.

Submissions must reach Council’s office at 45 Splatt Street, Swan Hill or online by the close of business Thursday, 2 December, 2021.

Council may then decide to approve or deny the road names based on the submissions received.

Have your say

Make a submission on the proposed asset names for the Southview Development Application.

  • online - via the submission form below
  • write to - Enterprise Assets Manager, PO Box 488, Swan Hill, Victoria 3585
  • email -

Proposed Name

Applicants Reason

Compliant with Naming Principles

Abbey Bronte Court

Abbey Bronte are the first 2 names of a set of triplets that where born in Swan Hill. The babies of Gerard and Wendy Foot. Unfortunately these 1 precious babies passed away soon after birth.

The parents would love for these names to be recognised in their street name.


A letter of support has been obtained by immediate family.

May have issues with Geographic Names as it is using first names however GNV latest review encourages the use of female names to achieve greater diversity and gender equality

Ashrose Boulevard

‘Ashrose’ has a quality sound to it. Trees in the development are going to be ash variety. Ashrose means ‘happy and Colorful’


Boscobel Drive

Boscobel is the area where Joyce family ancestors originated from in UK. The Joyce family home was named Boscobel which was beside Sydney Kidman home ‘Eringa’ in Adelaide


Burnside Way

This was an exciting event for the Joyce family in buying their first farm, Burnside. This property was included in the railway line system that ran from Kerang through Wetuppa ‘Burnside’ to Stoney Crossing having crossed the Murray River


Eringa Avenue

Eringa is the family home of Sydney Kidman and family in Adelaide in which our family were neighbours on in that time. Sydney Kidman was and is a significant influence in our local area.


Northgate Street

Northgate was the street to the homes of Boscobel and Eringa. This has significant history to the Joyce family and recognition to Sydney Kidman


While name is directional it is not used to distinguish itself from other similar names

Piper Avenue

Piper is a Joyce family name