Consultation has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback, information and engagement on this project. Over the coming months a public report will be prepared and made available for download from the document library in January 2022.


Over the last five years, the lack of suitable affordable housing for the growing Robinvale community, including the seasonal horticultural workers attracted to the region, was identified as a significant constraint to economic growth and prosperity.

In response, in 2019, Swan Hill Rural City Council prepared the Robinvale Housing Strategy and Implementation Plan. This strategy included a broad range of initiatives to improve the housing accommodation situation in Robinvale.


Since 2019, several projects identified in the original strategy have been funded and are in delivery:

  • Swan Hill Worker Housing Project has commenced construction of 8 new dwellings on Ronald Street.
  • The Seasonal Worker Accommodation Study commenced in October 2021 and is reviewing compliance and incentives for increased volumes of on-farm accommodation to house the seasonal workers

Council is looking to build on this momentum. This project seeks to identify additional barriers to investment and identify further opportunities, development partners and concepts for new affordable housing accommodation in Robinvale.

Purpose of the engagement

Swan Hill Rural City Council is committed to partnering with the housing industry to secure the delivery of new affordable housing to meet an identified undersupply in housing accommodation for new residents and seasonal workers in Robinvale.

Over the next two months, Council working with Holmes Dyer, a specialised Planning & Development Consultant, who will prepare several affordable housing concepts.

In addition, the project will engage with local landowners, potential investors, and community housing organisations to identify potential investment partnerships.