Project Update

It’s been an exciting start to 2022 for the SWAP project!

Having undertaken two rounds of property inspections and community forums the compliance campaign is well underway and nearing its conclusion.

A third round of property inspections will commence in April throughout the Robinvale area.

The goal of this round of inspections is to identify any non-compliant or unsafe accommodation and assist relevant stakeholders through a process of compliance, ensuring accommodation is safe and consistent with relevant legislation.

The inspections will be undertaken by an external Building Surveyor and Environmental Health consultant, supported by Council staff with the overall findings forming part of the final report which will be available to the public in July 2022.

With the project scheduled to conclude in July this year, we will continue working with the Department of Agriculture to develop an action plan moving forward for the Seasonal Worker space and will provide regular updates to this page and Council social media platforms

As an ongoing feature of the project, Council is actively seeking to engage, encourage and support stakeholders through the relevant approval processes. Please reach out if we can be of any assistance.

If you have any further comments or thoughts please contact Dennis Hovenden - contact details to the right of the page.

Seasonal Workers Accommodation Compliance Campaign

Are you providing accommodation to seasonal workers?

Are you living in temporary accommodation or aware of any in your area?

Swan Hill Rural City Council and the Department of Agriculture will be undertaking a pro-active campaign on non-compliant seasonal workers accommodation across the municipality this November and December.

The compliance campaign aims to assist farmers who provide accommodation for seasonal workers become compliant and consistent with relevant legislation.

Further information is available in the information sheet under the Document Library to the right of screen.